Indulge In Celestial Jungle Retreat With Dandeli Homestays At Best Luxurious Resort In Dandeli

Do you love trekking or rafting or sightseeing?

Are you looking for a local place to get once-in-a-lifetime adventurous and wildlife experiences?

Dandeli can be your next perfect travel destination in India, perfectly representing the ecstatic beauty, cultural bliss, picturesque flora and fauna, thrilling nature walks, and dense jungles.

Evoke A True Sense Of Quietude In Divine Exquisiteness Of Dandeli

Nestled in the serene bank of Kali River of North Karnataka, Dandeli calls you for experiencing an adventurous amalgamation of wildlife fun, serene nature, water adventure sports, mountain climbing, mystic flora and fauna, vibrant culture & traditions, safaris, and trekking options. This will surely in turn ensure the ultimate travel and sightseeing experience of a lifetime.

If you are planning for a Dandeli trip for the upcoming winter and searching for the Best Luxurious Resorts in Dandeli, let Dandeli Resorts be your host for the trip.

Avail the chance of experiencing an absolutely ravishing and comfortable stay amidst the jungle while enjoying the best sightseeing spots, tropical forests, flowing rivers, and jungle while staying at the best Dandeli Resorts & Homestays.

Dandeli Resorts – An Idyllic Ecstasy Amidst Jungle

Wake up to the soothing chuckle of birds, enjoy the melodies of nature, uninterrupted by the bustling city life, walk through the dense greenery, enjoy a flavorsome breakfast, and spend the day among wildlife, indulge in adventurous activities! Dandeli Resorts & Homestays feature a wide range of Dandeli Homestay Packages to make your vacation a true-to-life experience.

It is one of the finest and Best Luxurious Resorts In Dandeli. This vacation retreat delivers the travelers and sightseers a perfect escapade into the greenery, serene nature, and wildlife with an extensive range of affordable Dandeli Homestay Packages, adventurous activities, and the best outdoor sports, with a jungle-side stay in Dandeli.

Located right next to the bank of River Kali, this luxurious vacation retreat resort is created to let travelers explore the intense yet peaceable wilderness of Dandeli and rejuvenate their soul, mind, and body, away from their busy metro life.

Offering the best packages for Homestays in Dandeli resorts is the ideal resort for all the solo, group, couple, and family travelers.

Evoke a serene sense of armistice exemplified by the beauty & stillness of Dandeli. Tuck into the most sumptuous buffet lunch with your group, spend some relaxing time in the private pool, unwind at the riverside, and spend the night at camp sides – be the guest of the Best Dandeli Jungle Resorts to unwind your knots away in the dreamland of the nature.

Affordable Homestay Packages – Perfect Gateway To Let You Enjoy The Heaven On Earth

Dandeli Homestay Packages are designed to ensure you the most inimitable and delightful opportunities to get familiar with Dandeli’s tradition, culture, locality, antiquity, and native. Dandeli Resorts, with its matchless homestay facilities, make its guests enjoy a home away from home. It escorts you to mingle with local nature and culture without sacrificing your comfort.

Dandeli Homestay at Dandeli Resorts offers you the most wonderful experiences like kayaking, boat rafting, swimming, jungle therapies, enjoying traditional art forms of Karnataka, trekking, camping with locals, and much more. It lets the tourists experience the exclusivity and uniqueness of Karnataka culture and traditions personally.

Dandeli Resorts offers you the Best Homestay In Dandeli. Homestays in this resort help you experiencing beyond the simple tourist trails. With the well-mannered local staff of the resort, you can explore the secrets of Dandeli, thus, maximizing the scope of your vacation and sightseeing without sacrificing your accommodation comfort.

Homestays In Dandeli at this resort offer great value for money. Depending on the accommodation type you choose from the range of deluxe rooms, commando cottages, camping tents, you can get the most value-for-money packages for Best Homestay in Dandeli. Packages range includes 1-night and 2-night options, where you’re facilitated with a multitude of activities and services.

Why Choose Dandeli Resorts For The Finest Homestay Retreat

  • Known as one of the Best Dandeli Jungle Resorts, Dandeli Resorts is surrounded by heavenly defined jungle, pristine natural beauty, and rich wilderness.
  • It’s among a few handpicked luxury resorts in Dandeli that’s not just luxurious and comfortable to stay in but also offers a plethora of activities and experiences to the tourists with affordable Dandeli Homestay Packages.
  • For those who’re wishing for a thrilling and adventure Homestays In Dandeli amidst the jungles, this is the ideal option to go for.
  • With its curtailed, refreshing, and pristine ambiance accompanied by earnest hospitality, this vacation retreat offers guests a plethora of activities & experiences to choose from.
  • Its offerings, Homestay Packages In Dandeli, and warm hospitality make Dandeli Resorts the finest place to stay in.


We provide two options for Dandeli Packages homestay booking, i.e.

We offer two special Dandeli Packages for a homestay, i.e.

  • 1-Night Package: It features a 1-night stay at the resort, with 3 meals, 5 in-house events, 4 outdoor activities, and 4 sightseeing options.
  • 2-Night Package: It includes a 2-nights stay at the resort with 6 full-course meals, 5 in-house events, 4 outdoor activities, and 4 sightseeing options.

Yes, we provide free parking space to all our guests and visitors for Dandeli Homestays.

Yes, all our rooms, including deluxe rooms, camping tents, and commando cottages, have free Wi-Fi access for the guests. Once you arrived at Dandeli Homestays, you can ask for your Wi-Fi passkey.

Yes, we provide customization services for our Dandeli Homestays tariffs. We recommend you please inform the front desk about the additional services you want to include in your package?

Dandeli is home to a variety of resorts catering to families, corporate outings, student campings etc. Dandeli Resorts has three abodes.

The Luxury Resort
dew drop jungle in dandeli resorts

Dew Drops Jungle Resort in an exceedingly large area of 14 acres, well equipped with pool and each one amenities, between the Acacia forest. it's an all-season resort enjoyed altogether the weather and climate of Dandeli. With friendly employees and managers. For an memorable experience more interior games like cycling, trekking and campfire are arranged.

The Riverside Resort
river edge homestay in dandeli resorts

The River Edge Homestay has all the conveniences on the banks of the stream Kali. a whole retreat from the city’s life with a good view of the river. Rooms and tents face the river. Along with Zorbing and Coracle, in- house activities like cycling, trekking and campfire are organized.

The Jungle Camp
greenwoods homestay in dandeli resorts

The Greenwood Jungle Camp is 5 km far from the town of Dandeli. Enjoy nature with excitement and scenic views, which all have basic comforts. Indoor games like cycling, walking or campfire also are played. Greenwood is enjoyed altogether Dandeli seasons. with co-operative managers and employees.