Marvelous Offers Are On - Enjoy Your Dandeli River Rafting with the Dandeli Resorts

In Karnataka, you will find Dandeli as one of the popular sports. Due to white water rafting facilities, this sport is famous in the Kali river. Nowadays, Dandeli River Rafting is also holding its popularity among the localities as well as tourists.

If you are an adventure geek, then this sport will lift your spirit. You will experience the best thrills of white water rafting in the Kali River. Dandeli Resorts can be your point of destination for all thrilling opportunities. Dandeli Rafting is near to you.

Well, many questions will be on your mind. It is obvious that no one can answer all such questions better than Dandeli Resorts Management. You have come to the right place to enjoy your adventurous life.

Why Is Dandeli River Rafting Special?

Dandeli Rafting is something that you should not miss. It is the best place in India to enjoy white water rafting with much adventurer experience. There is no better option than the Dandeli Resorts.

Many private companies are there operating with the Karnataka Forest Department. However, this company and all of its facilities are unique and improved. So, you can trust this franchise for better River Rafting in Dandeli.

As you search for the Best River Rafting, your observation should be perfect for better services and adventures.

Some common points are mentioned below on Dandeli River Rafting:

  • Suitable distance and duration (The Dandeli Rafting is stretch up to 12 km)
  • 3 to 4 hours of journey.
  • The transformation from the resort (at the starting point)
  • Comes with dense forests
  • Easy to negotiate
  • Grade 2 and Grade 3 rafting experience
  • Memorable River Rafting In Dandeli

The Dandeli Resorts can make you comfortable from all aspects. You can also book for Dandeli Water Rafting with the help of this company.

All your accommodation is perfectly planned by their executives. Want to enjoy Water Rafting? Well, it is time to get the best Water Sports Activities in Dandeli?

So many unique features are there to choose Dandeli River Rafting & Camping from this franchise. After all your thrilling experiences, you can spend some quality time within our Adventure River Rafting Resorts in Dandeli.

Yes, people choose our Resorts in Dandeli for the following reasons:

  • Our resort will deliver you the best comfort.
  • Easier processes to follow
  • No problems in Book Resorts & Rafting
  • Proper Adventure Dandeli River Rafting
  • Exciting Dandeli River Rafting Activities

Now, things are quite different. You can easily manage your adventurous life through us. Booking River Rafting in Dandeli is now much easier with our services.

You can enjoy the Best River Rafting in the Dandeli river. Also, Dandeli Water Rafting can bring you a lot of happiness. Water Rafting activities depend on the water of the river coming from nearby dams.

Some key points to note before starting your Dandeli River Rafting Activities:

We also do not recommend our guests do rafting during the rainy season. The best time to enjoy Water Sports Activities in Dandeli is between November to February.

Also, you need to keep in mind that no locker rooms are there during Dandeli River Rafting & Camping. We recommend you not to carry anything valuable during the Adventure Dandeli River Rafting.

It is much easier to find suitable Resorts in Dandeli. Dandeli Resorts company can give you the best Adventure River Rafting Resorts in Dandeli. If you are interested, then start your journey with us. You can Book Resorts & Rafting at once.

How to Reach Dandeli?

Dandeli is 460 km far from Bengaluru. You don’t have to worry about the Booking River Rafting In Dandeli. Your journey will start from Hubballi Airport (close to Dandeli Around 65 Kms).

Also, Londa and Alnavar are the nearest railway stations (35 km from Dandeli). You can visit our destinations from the airport and railway stations at any time. From there, your journey of River Rafting In Dandeli begins.

Where is the Best Place To Stay?

To experience the Best River Rafting, you should take care of the accommodations. Dandeli River Rafting can be very effective if you go with Dandeli Resorts. Our Jungle resorts can give you the best experience in your journey.

Do you feel excited about your trip to Dandeli Rafting? Well, this is the right time to book your place. Now, you can get a better experience from our Dandeli Water Rafting squad.

Our resorts are the best place to stay and enjoy Water Sports Activities In Dandeli. Are you fond of Water Rafting? Do you need special River Rafting & Camping?

Well, all types of arrangements are here waiting for you. You don’t have to stress about anything at all. Proper Adventure River Rafting Resorts in Dandeli are waiting for you.

Suitable Resorts are hard to find. We provide all support from all aspects. We hope that all such information is sufficient for you.


No, booking river rafting and resorts in Dandeli is not that hard. The Resorts are always at your service.

You should contact our officials for accommodation and rafting. They will guide you to everything you are looking for.

Raft boating, natural dense forest views, and adventurous activities can enthrill your trip. All such activities can bring you the finest rafting experience.

Our officials will guide you to get all types of bookings and accommodation at our resorts.

Yes, you can enjoy your trip to Dandeli with seamless Dandeli Rafting. However, we suggest you do not plan your trip during the rainy season.

Dandeli is home to a variety of resorts catering to families, corporate outings, student campings etc. Dandeli Resorts has three abodes.

The Luxury Resort
dew drop jungle in dandeli resorts

Dew Drops Jungle Resort in an exceedingly large area of 14 acres, well equipped with pool and each one amenities, between the Acacia forest. it's an all-season resort enjoyed altogether the weather and climate of Dandeli. With friendly employees and managers. For an memorable experience more interior games like cycling, trekking and campfire are arranged.

The Riverside Resort
river edge homestay in dandeli resorts

The River Edge Homestay has all the conveniences on the banks of the stream Kali. a whole retreat from the city’s life with a good view of the river. Rooms and tents face the river. Along with Zorbing and Coracle, in- house activities like cycling, trekking and campfire are organized.

The Jungle Camp
greenwoods homestay in dandeli resorts

The Greenwood Jungle Camp is 5 km far from the town of Dandeli. Enjoy nature with excitement and scenic views, which all have basic comforts. Indoor games like cycling, walking or campfire also are played. Greenwood is enjoyed altogether Dandeli seasons. with co-operative managers and employees.