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In Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, along the Western Ghats, on the bank of river Kali and surrounded by thick forests, lies the little town of Dandeli. The place could be a perfect example of nature’s bounty; it's peaceful, serene, lush green and residential to mesmerizing and rare flora and fauna. Dandeli resorts, being within the vicinity of major cities, is an ideal weekend getaway. Not only it offers a captivating scenic beauty but also a full lot of adventures to appear forward to.

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Things to do in Dandeli


Our Resorts

dew drop jungle in dandeli resorts
The Jungle Camp

Dew Drops Jungle Resort

Dew Drops Jungle Resort is situated within the widespread get in around 14 Acres between Acacia Forest well equipped with all the comforts. We also Encourage to Participate within the Indoor Games like Cycling, Trekking, and Campfire. It’s an All-Season Resorts enjoyed altogether Weathers and Climate of Dandeli. Dandeli Resorts is accompanied with Friendly Staff and Managers.

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Tusker Trails Lake Resort

If travel and exploration do not form a part of your life, then you have no idea what you are missing out on. As a human being, it is necessary for you to take out time and go on a holiday/vacation to unwind, relax, and take a break from the routine, mundane things that you do in your daily lives.

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Tusker Trails Lake Resort
Tusker Trails Lake Resort
Jungle Bell River Retreat
Jungle Bell River Retreat

Jungle Bell River Retreat

Are you looking for some adventure along with a slice of nature this holiday season? Or wishing to get lost in the serenity of the lush green forests to forget all your woes? If the answer is yes then you are in for a surprise.

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White Petal Dandeli

Are you tired of your 9 to 5 job and contemplating a vacation? Or are you looking out for options for a family vacation this holiday season? If yes, then I am sure a cozy, beautiful, and comfortable accommodation must be on the top of your priority list.

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White Petal Dandeli
White Petal Dandeli
greenwoods homestay in dandeli resorts
The Jungle Camp

Greenwoods Jungle Camp

Greenwoods Jungle Camp which is in Dandeli city gives you the Bliss of Nature with excitement and pleasing views well equipped with all the cosy comforts. We also Conduct Indoor Games like Cycling, Trekking, and Campfire. Greenwoods is enjoyed in all Seasons of Dandeli. within the midst of Co-Operative Staff and Managers.

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Visit Dandeli

Best time to visit Dandeli

It’s important to know the place well, before planning a trip. If you want to enjoy the abundance, then better clear your calendar and reserve the months from October to May

October to January

Dandeli is at its best during this era. Forest is lush green after the monsoon season. Waterfalls are at full force, the weather is pleasant, Wildlife is extremely active. River rafting Kalli starts during this season. you may be among the primary to have interaction during this thrilling adventure activity if you visit Dandeli during this season.

February to May

Forest starts getting dry. Trees start shedding leaves. But this is often the season to witness harvesting. Best time to go to tribal villages and skill their culture and heritage. Many cultural activities occur during this era. This season is additionally best for water activities. Hike within the forest and shake that heat. Take a dip in natural pools. River rafting continues during this season also. you'll combine rafting with many other water activities.

June to September:

This is the monsoon season at Dandeli. Dandeli gets many rain. Drench yourself in rain, engage in farming activities together with local farmers. this might be the foremost effective time to travel DudhSagar falls. Best is to trek from Castlerock while relish many other small flows and waterfalls along the way. River rafting isn't conducted during this season. Avoid your visit if you're keen on river rafting.

Reach Dandeli

How to reach Dandeli

Among other places to visit in Karnataka, Dandeli is one that must not be missed. And here’s how you can reach Dandeli.

By Bus:

Dandeli is best connected via buses to all the major cities in the country.

  • Karnataka Road Transport - KSRTC
  • VRL Travels
  • SRS Travels
  • Sugama Travels
  • Durgamba Travels
  • Red Bus
By Flight

There is no airport in Dandeli.
You can instead get a flight to two closest airports in Dandeli

  • Hubli Aiport (HBX) which is at a distance of 56 kilometres from Dandeli, or
  • Sambre Airport, Belagaum, which is 66 km from Dandeli
By Train

The nearest railway stations are Londa, Alnavar, Dharwar and Hubli.

Adventure Activities

Kali River provides one among the simple rafting experiences within the complete country. The rafting trail is of about 12-15 kilometers which makes it very exhilarating and thus the environment throughout the trail is stunning, which makes the experience even more exciting and enjoyable. The rafting at Dandeli resorts is suitable for everyone, from novice to master. The matter level here is grade 2 and grade 3 rapids. The grade 2 rapids include slightly rough waters, some rocks, and simple passages. The only real requirement for this may be basic paddling skills and overall this can be often quite simple to manoeuver. Grade 3 rapids might need some small waves or maybe a tiny low drop somewhere, but overall this may be completely harmless. It requires some significant maneuvering and skilled steering. This might sound like something which needs experience and is not suitable for everyone, but this activity is completed under the eyes of extremely trained and adept professionals, who enlighten create it a fun and safe experience for everyone, be it inexperienced amateurs or non-swimmers. The full trail may take about 4-5 hours for completion.

The activity begins at about 9 within the morning from Ganeshgudi. the primary thing that's required to try and do and do is to concentrate very carefully and attentively to any or all the instructions, guidelines, safety measures and precautions which the instructors give. Safety equipment, helmets, life jackets, and pedals are provided. there's a ship ride at the start whose purpose is to function an illustration of the particular rafting experience to any or all the participants, and it's only after this ride that the particular rafting begins. the excitement, thrill so the adrenaline rush which you get as your boat jumps into the clear blue water of the river Kali are worth because the expectation. The trip downstream takes about two hours which are stuffed with lashing waves, steep curves, and bouncy rocks. The ride is enough to make your stomach feel fluttery and procure the adrenaline pumping through your body. Thereafter, you start to travel back to where you started and eventually this fun-filled and energy-packed experience involves an end. The exhilarating sensation that you simply simply simply get after you complete your trip are some things which may last with you forever. The picturesque landscape, clear waters, skilled and friendly instructors, the fun and excitement make this trip a once during a really lifetime experience.
River Crossing at Dandeli resorts is one in every of the foremost challenging activities among all others in Dandeli. In River crossing, you're equipped some restraint attached to a rope, which is fixed to either side of the river, with the assistance of which you'd favor to cross the river flowing underneath. it's quite challenging and fun activity so the undeniable fact that you just just want to to try and do and eff in groups make it even more enjoyable. Guides provide you with all the mandatory details and thus the protection measures, within the beginning. the joys which you get once you lower your foot to the touch the fast-flowing water of the river is consummate. it's one in all those activities in Dandeli which causes you to feel sort of a daredevil.

Kayaking may be a aquatics during which a double-bladed bar and a kayak accustomed paddle across the water. Kali river in Dandeli provides you with an excellent possibility to enjoy also as learn kayaking. together with river Kali, kayaking in Dandeli is additionally conducted in Supa Reservoir. The activity begins at 9 within the morning at Ganeshgudi and also the entire trip takes about two-three hours. Well trained and specialized instructors give the introductory lessons on the way to do basic items like paddle, balance and manage the kayak, and about various turns and strokes. it's important that you simply hear these instructions carefully in order that after you go down this fun-filled trip, you recognize a way to be safe. Also, don't forget the life jackets and if you recognize a way to swim, it's a bonus. Kayaking in Dandeli is that the best activity to travel on exploring the river and soak up the stunning views surrounding you, together with getting a low-impact workout.

Golden yellow rays of sun drop on your body, all around you lush green trees whistle along with tender winds, birds cheep and tweeting, the aroma of flowers, and also the water of the Kali river hitting your back providing you with a smooth and delicate massage.
This can be often often often exactly what happens at the natural Jacuzzi bath in Dandeli resorts. The water flows from the Supa dam and emerges because the Kali river and flows right right all the way all the way down to give your body the foremost amazing healing therapy. At some places, the water of the river flows with unusual force and at some locations , the water is smooth and tender. it is your choice to select a spot in line together with your comfort, recline on the black rocks, and relax. it is the best thanks to soak away your stress, unwind your body and your mind, replenish and rejuvenate yourself. The activity is open for all age groups. A guide is provided to require you, in a boat, to the place within the river where the activity takes place, and he remains with you all along to make sure you're safe.

Experience kali river to the fullest by these coracle rides along with your guide expertly handling the oars and taking you round the river. you may enjoy the ride watching thick natural vegetation on the banks of the river.

Would you are feeling it if indivdual told you that you just simply just can walk on water? Water zorbing in Dandeli makes that possible. it's a fun activity where you roll or walk on a river, inside a transparent plastic ball, called zorb. you'll run, walk, flip, roll, or whatever you'd wish to do to to inside a zorb.
A zorb can usually hold 1-3 people in it. Zorbing is awfully popular between children and is fitting for all age groups, irrespective of the claimant power . It is a fantastic feeling after you roll or lie or hike within the plain ball and feel the coldness of the river water, without make soak. Zorbing in Dandeli resorts provides you with 2-3 laughter-filled hours to enjoy, celebrate and just chill on the water of Kali River. it's an awesome experience which you wish to not miss at any cost.

Dandeli is endowed a mind blogging terrain which is perfectly fitted for mountain biking. It's an activity which might test your acumen, zeal, and stamina. The activity starts at Ganeshgudi at around 9 within the morning. The stretch ranges from 7 to 14 kilometers, depending upon your choice. you're given bikes that are suitable for rough mountainous terrain and a guide accompanies you throughout to appear out for your safety and supply you with general information about local plants and animals that you just just just encounter during your trip.
Mountain biking in Dandeli will set your heart pumping and your muscles working. Your eyes get to soak within the magnificent and pleasant views of trees and rocks, and your lungs get to breathe the purest air together with the fragrance of the blossoms. Though an exercise for your body, this ride are visiting be a soothing process for your mind where you get to cycle together with your friends and family in an exceedingly charming landscape which too, with none traffic. If you're a city dweller, you'll appreciate this ride even more. Overall it's a thoroughly enjoyable experience without one dull moment.

Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is home to a large amalgamation of rare flora and fauna, and hence an ideal place for all the character and animal lovers, wildlife photographers, bird watchers, and adventure lovers. These forests are especially famous for housing over 300 species of birds which could be a treat for bird watchers and ornithologists. the foremost visible bird species here is that the hornbill. except for birds various other animals which may be spotted here include Tigers, Bison, Leopard, Elephants, militant, muntjac, flying opossum, Foxes, and Malabar Giant Squirrel, etc. the most effective a part of a sanctuary is that you just get to work out all the animals and birds in their natural habitat, living freely with none cages or boundaries, in keeping with their own rules, which in today’s world could be a rare feat.
The Safari begins early within the morning at 6:00 or within the evening at 4:00. It takes about two hours to finish the stretch which is 14 kilometers long. The Safari takes place in an open jeep and you'll be able to get an area guide to stay you updated with all the data and details regarding all the animals and plants within the forest. A sanctuary may be a beautiful place with steep turns and slopes, lush green trees, deep blue waters of the river, and also the most beautiful and lovely creatures on our planet. This trip will surely fill your heart with wonder and amazement and can leave you in awe with mother natur

Visit Dandeli

Places to see in Dandeli

syntheri rocks in dandeli resorts
Syntheri Rocks

Syntheri Rocks

Syntheri Rocks are one among the must-visit places in Dandeli. it's a massive structure that's graven into caves by the strong stream current, which is within the thick woodlands of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. The 300 ft (ca. 91 m) Rocks with speeding waters of stream Kaneri flowing through the structure offers a sturdy view that's worth watching.

  • Entry Fee: INR 20/adult
  • Vehicle Fee: INR 10/adult
  • Timings: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
  • Distance: 30 km (from Dandeli Town)

Supa Dam

The great survival of the wildlife around this area is Supa Dam and its reservoir. There are many species of birds within the waters and fishes during this reserve. The water flows through the pavement when the waters are released from the dam, creating a perfect location for water froth rafting. Nagoda Backwaters is the perfect place to witness the wonder of the reservoir.

  • Entry Fee: none
  • Timings: Open for View
  • Distance: 22 km (from Dandeli Town)
supa dam in dandeli resorts
Supa Dam
moulangi echo park in dandeli resorts
Moulangi Eco Park

Moulangi Eco Park

Moulangi Eco Park could be a place that you simply should be in once you are in Dandeli, which is found 7 km from Dandeli which is surrounded by the gorgeous landscape of thick and evergreen forests and bamboo trees. Moulangi Eco Park is a perfect place for mini-excursions or picnics.

  • Entry Fee: INR 10/adult
  • Vehicle Fee: INR 20/adult
  • Timings: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Distance: 7 km (from Dandeli Town)

Nagoda Dam Backwaters

Nagoda Dam Backwaters is Backwater in Dandeli. The Supa Dams Reservoir may be a large Backwater reservoir (124 km.sq). People come here for a quiet evening on the rear, just out of a dream, to require within the pleasant picturesque view of the sunset. this is often an excellent place to travel to..

  • Entry Fee: none
  • Timings: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Distance: 16 km (from Dandeli Town)
nagoda backwaters in dandeli resorts
Nagoda Dam Backwaters
disney park in dandeli resorts
Disney Park Dandeli

Disney Park Dandeli

Disney Park is found in Dandeli town & hidden within the luxurious green Teak Forest. It attracts plenty of kids within the presence of its favourite characters just like the Avengers, Batman & Superman, Simpsons, Mickey Mouse and Chhota Bheem etc.

  • Entry Fee: INR 10/adult
  • Timings: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Distance: 1 km (from Dandeli Town)

Crocodile Park

Crocodile Park may be a crocodile shelter and is situated within the water released from the geographical region Paper Mills. It’s a non-public property where crocodiles is easily spotted..

  • Entry Fee: INR 25/adult
  • Timings: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Distance: 3 km (from Dandeli Town)
crocodile park in dandeli resorts
Crocodile Park
kavala caves in dandeli resorts
Kavala Caves

Kavala Caves

Located within the heart of Dandeli, Kavala caves is that the natural caves and one among the foremost popular places to go to at Dandeli. Situated deep within the forest these caves are formed by volcanic activities ages ago.

  • Timings: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Distance : 24 km ( from Dandeli town )


Ulavi is that the best religious spots and popular in Dandeli other than religious relevance Ulavi is surrounded with a blanket of lush green forests, caves and stalactites.

  • Distance : 47 km ( from Dandeli town )
ulavi temple in dandeli resorts
magod falls in dandeli resorts
Magod Falls

Magod Falls

One of the foremost scenic places to go to at Dandeli, Magod falls is made over Bedti River which cascades from a height of about 200m into a skinny valley of rocks. Famous for offering an interesting landscape experience and a peaceful trek.

  • Timings : 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Distance : 81 km ( from Dandeli town )

Sathodi Falls

Sathodi falls is created by various flows and drops down from a height of fifty feet, which then connects the brooks of Kodasalli dam over Kali River. Revive yourself while you're on an opportunity at sathodi Falls.

  • Entry : INR 5 /adult
  • Timings : 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Distance : 78 km ( from Dandeli town )
sathodi falls in dandeli resorts
Sathodi Falls
shiroli peak in dandeli resorts
Shiroli peak

Shiroli peak

Seize the foremost beautiful sunset of your lifetime at one among the preferable places for sightseeing at Dandeli. This place will offer you the foremost enchanting views of Sahyadri mountain and is additionally a paradise for talkaholics.

  • Entry fee: No entry fees.
  • Timings : open 24 hours
  • Distance : 25 km ( from Dandeli town )

Anshi National park

This adventure filled wildlife park may be a a part of Dandeli wildlife sanctuary. This sanctuary boasts on being the sole wildlife sanctuary to identify Black Panther within the whole asia.

  • Entry fee : N/A
  • Timings : open 24 hours
  • Distance : 55 km ( from Dandeli town )
anshi national park in dandeli resorts
Anshi National park
dandelappa temple in dandeli resorts
Dandelappa Temple

Dandelappa Temple

One of the foremost visited places at Dandeli by pilgrim, Dandelappa temple is that the oldest temple in Dandeli. Get your wishes fulfilled here once you visit Dandeli for a vacation.

  • Timings : open during the day
  • Distance : 2.3km ( away from Dandeli town )

Sri Mallikarjuna Temple

Sri Mallikarjuna temple is one of the beautiful temple which will impress you with its brilliant architectural patterns.This temple is believed to be older than Shivaji fort and is amongst the few famous temples in Karnataka.

  • Timings : open during the day
  • Distance : 20 km ( away from Dandeli )
sri mallikarjuna temple in dandeli resorts
Sri Mallikarjuna Temple
shivaji fort in dandeli resorts
Shivaji Fort

Shivaji Fort

Visit this age-old fort at Dandeli to induce lost into ancient history and learn the way the Maratha chief, Shivaji built this massive fort to shield their people from invaders! Shivaji fort is an auspicious place for several tourists near Dandeli.

  • Timings : open during the day
  • Distance : 20 km ( away from Dandeli town )

Sykes point

Sykes point is the most visited sight seeing place at Dandeli and it's named after a british engineer who discovered it. This place gives tourists the mesmerizing view of deep valleys and thickly forested hills. Timings : 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Distance : 24 km ( from Dandeli town )

  • Timings : open during the day
  • Distance : 20 km ( away from Dandeli )
sykes point in dandeli resorts
Sykes point
kavadi kere in dandeli resorts
Kavadi Kere

Kavadi Kere

Kavadi Kere could be a famous lake at Dandeli that's covered by lush green forests. Aside from natural ambience you may also find a temple dedicated to goddess Durgadevi besides the lake.

  • Distance : 60 km ( away from Dandeli town )

Mini Tibet

Mini Tibet is the most visited place at Dandeli by travellers and it'll remind you of the lovely hill station in Himachal Pradesh. Mini Tibet could be a place where travellers seek a peek into Tibetian’s life at Dandeli.

  • Distance : 70 km ( away from Dandeli town )
mini tibet in dandeli resorts
Mini Tibet

WHY choose Dandeli resort

Among other places to visit in Karnataka, Dandeli is one that must not be missed. And here’s how you can reach Dandeli.

The people: The people at Dandeli resorts have preserved for you a precious snippet of jungle life. Dandeli resorts team will make your trip not only a good one but a glorious one. So that you can be at ease and play, wander and moreover leave this place with memories that will stay with you in perpetuity.

Fully Protected: Dandeli resorts are established over ( ) years makes it the best place to stay in Dandeli and also the safest. Every activity in this resort is conducted under our trained experts. Be it kayaking, mountain biking or river rafting. We ensure the safety of guests by providing them the best gear for every activity at Dandeli resorts. You will be provided with life-saving jackets, helmets topped with the undivided attention of our guides.

Made for All Seasons: The weather at Dandeli resorts is pleasant throughout the year making it the best place to get away from busy life. The breezy wind from jungles makes summer holidays pleasant, winter days frosty and rainy days sloshy and fun.

Exquisite Life: The experience you get at Dandeli resorts is elite and will surely make your stay at Dandeli blissful. Dandeli resorts have preserved their entourage from years for you to unwind, explore and melt your soul in the realm of nature.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking to return by flight to Dandeli resorts then there are two airports nearby. Hubli Airport (HBX) is just 56 km far from Dandeli resorts. Sambre Airport, Belgaum is 66 km aloof from Dandeli city. Airport (HBX) is solely 56 km faraway from Dandeli resorts. Sambre Airport, Belgaum is 66 km off from Dandeli city

To reach Dandeli resorts is very simple. Dandeli city has well-connected roads to any or all the foremost important cities like Bangalore, Yellapur, Hubli, and Karwar. Also, there are two airports, Hubli and Sambre - Belgaum that are around 66km far from Dandeli resorts. like Bangalore, Yellapur, Hubli, and Karwar. Also, there are two airports, Hubli and Sambre - Belgaum that are around 66km far away from Dandeli resorts.

How to reach Dandeli by air:

There is no airport during this city, but the closest is Hubli Airport in Hubli. it's 80 kilometres to Dandeli and you will have to fly to this airport from Mumbai or Bangalore. It'll take around 1 hour and 47 minutes to realize if you're driving, but you will be ready to also take a taxi or perhaps a section train to Dandeli from the closest airport. .

How to reach Dandeli by Rail:

There aren’t any close train stations, but you'd need to jaunt Alnavar Junction, which is 23 kilometres away or Londa Junction that's 24 kilometres faraway from Dandeli. From here you will be able to get a taxi or a neighborhood bus which can take you to Dandeli and might take you around 55 minutes to achieve.

How to reach Dandeli by Car/Bike:
  • Via goa dandeli is about 99 km away and might take you about 2.5 hours to travel by car or bike. The route map would look something like this - Goa – Mollem – Londa - Dandeli.
  • From Pune Dandeli is 426 km away and you'll take about 7 hours to achieve here. The route map would look something like this Pune – Khandala – Kashil – Karad - Dandeli.
  • If you're coming from Bangalore, Dandeli is about 463 km off from and may take you about 7 hours 42 minutes to attain via your own vehicle. The route map would appear like this Bangalore – Tumkur – Chitradurga – Haveri - Dandeli.
How to reach Dandeli By Bus:

From Bangalore there are direct buses to Dandeli which take about 9 hours and 30mins total fundamental measure. Travel companies from where you will be able to book tickets:

  • Karnataka Road Transport - KSRTC
  • VRL Travels
  • SRS Travels
  • Sugama Travels
  • Durgamba Travels
  • Red Bus
  • Route Map: Bangalore – Tumakuru – Chitradurga – Haveri - Dandeli

If you're coming for the first time to Dandeli city then don't miss visiting the following places - Syntheri rocks, Supa dam, Moulangi Eco-park, Nagoda dam backwaters, Disney Park Dandeli and Crocodile. These places are well connected to Dandeli resorts..

Dandeli resorts are located within the safest area and there's recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India.

Yes, you'll be able to come to Dandeli resorts by train. you'll get down at the closest railway stations which are Londa, Alnavar, Dharwad, and Hubli. .

From Chikmagalur, Dandeli resorts about 334km away (6-hour drive )

Be it Dandeli river Rafting or water zorbing in Dandeli you don’t have to worry about activity gadgets. we've covered it for you at Dandeli resorts. Helmets, knee pads, life-saving jackets you name it we've got it all. .

Dandeli resorts are in Uttara Kannada district.

The Dandeli river edge homestay is the best resort stay. This riverside stay is indeed a treasure for wanderlust seeking peace within the fringe of the river. The Dandeli river edge package has not only delicious meals but a myriad of activities from River Crossing in Dandeli to Zorbing in Dandeli and far more.

Dewdrops jungle resort Dandeli is the most venturesome resort for wildlife lovers. The Dewdrops Jungle camp is tucked within the middle of lush green vegetation right on the banks of river Kali. The Dandeli jungle camp resort boasts of a hygienic and comfy stay.

Greenwood's jungle camp Dandeli is the best homestay you'll be in if you're searching for nice resorts amidst nature and much removed from town. The Dandeli wild stay staff are very co-operative, the food is additionally good and comes within budget.You can choose any types of rooms you wish from below.

AC Deluxe rooms:

Rs. 2800/ head. All-inclusive packages.

Camping tents:

Rs. 1800/head. All-inclusive packages. Greenwoods jungle camp 1-night packages

Meals three times a day :
  • 5 events: In-house events that comprise of campfire, nature walk, cycling, archery and swimming pool.
  • 4 activities: tickets to activities like Kayaking, boating, cycling, Jacuzzi bath, and Zorbing.
  • Greenwoods jungle camp 2 nights packages
  • You get 3 meals for 2 days and 5 events, 4 activities and 4 as mentioned in one-day packages.

Dandeli river edge homestay is a perfect homestay to decide on if you wish to experience peace at the sting of the river kali. The homestays are comfortable and well maintained and include a plethora of activities to try and do in Dandeli. The packages are reasonable with all the essential amenities included and full of fun Dandeli Activities.

You can’t beat Dandeli resorts if you're trying to find a large range of resort-style at different price points. These resorts with a myriad of activities held by expert guides. The Dandeli holiday packages have basic offerings with activities like River crossing, Water zorbing, coracle ride in Kali river, Dandeli cycling, Kayaking in Dandeli and more.

Dandeli resorts have reasonable Dandeli family Packages for your holidays. The packages not only include accommodation and meals but several activities that ought to excite you. The packages start from 1700/- and include a large range of facilities with fun-filled Dandeli activities.

Places to go to in Dandeli are Supa Dam, Syntheri rocks, Sathodi falls, Jenu Kallugudda, kavala caves, Ulavi caves, Sykes point, Saath Konda waterfalls, Shirla falls, Pansoli elephant camp, Tiger reserve jungle safari, Chandewadi water rapids, Terali betta and plenty of more. These places are well connected to Dandeli resorts.

  • Syntheri Rocks - Syntheri rocks is simply 30 km from Dandeli resorts. This place will excite geologists as this place has specimens of various sorts of rocks of geologic importance. And are displayed on the side of the stair pathway that ends up in the syntheri rock site.
  • Moulangi Park - Just 7 km far from Dandeli resorts, Moulangi park is a perfect place for those that love camping or a pleasant picnic..
  • Supa Dam - These Dam will captivate you in sight of the actual fact that it's surrounded by wilderness. and therefore the indisputable fact that it's just 22 km from Dandeli resorts makes it the best place for sightseeing on your vacation at Dandeli resorts.
  • Nagoda Dam Backwaters - Get a scenic view of gorgeous sunset and birds at Nagoda Dam Backwaters after you are coming for vacation at Dandeli resorts..
  • Disney park Dandeli - because the name suggests , this park is an all-children favourite because it possesses most disney characters. This park is about 1 km faraway from Dandeli resorts.

Dandeli is all about natural ambience, wilderness, peace and felicity. we've few resorts which will provide you with above experience.

  • Dew Drops Jungle Resort : The dew drops jungle resort is ideal if you want to escape from the concrete jungle and are looking for natural ambience with lot of activities.
  • River Edge Homestay : Peaceful ambience at the sting of river Kali. The sunset view from the sting of the river will provide you with a way of contentment. and also the activities at kali river may be a must try if you visit Dandeli resorts
  • Greenwoods Jungle Camp : This Property is found at beautiful location with breathtaking view. Ideal for camping out together with your friends within the middle of the jungle.

At dandeli resorts we welcome every sort of wanderlusts. If you're coming alone or along with your squad we've got a good range of accommodation facility with great packages. For solo traveller we recommend you book Dandeli tent stay

River Rafting :

The river rafting at Dandeli starts at Ganeshgudi and ends at Maulangi. It always starts around 9 within the morning and continues for 3 hours at a stretch. the fees may vary from season to season but it comes around Rs. 1500.

Kayaking :

you may fall infatuated with this adventure filled activity within the Kali river. the fun of getting small islands within the canoe together with your friends and family is enchanting.

Trekking :

With such a big amount of falls and forest area Dandeli is that the ideal place for trek lovers. you'll explore different types of vegetation and birds. The charge is around Rs. 250.

Jacuzzi Bath :

Get indulged in natural Jacuzzi bath in Kali river. It's quite therapy for you after a protracted trek otherwise you are just here after a protracted work week. Enjoy to your fullest and have a peaceful Jacuzzi bath..

Riding a Coracle :

Another adventure filled activity in Dandeli. Coracle is nothing but a disc shaped navigating boat that's wont to cruise around Kali river. Along the ride you'll witness the wonder of Dandeli’s flora and fauna. you'll encounter some animals too. Zip line : prepare for your vital sign going fast with this speed filled activity while you're hung to a rope tied to 2 mountain peaks apart in an inclined position and you may glide down towards the lower one.

Zip line :

Gprepare for your vital sign going fast with this speed filled activity while you're hung to a rope tied to 2 mountain peaks apart in an inclined position and you may glide down towards the lower one.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary :

This parkland may be a a part of AnshiDandeli Tiger Reserve.The open jeep safari, encounter of kind of hornbills and crocodiles is what makes this wildlife sanctuary a requirement visit place at Dandeli.

Zorbing :

Water zorbing could be a very rare activity but the foremost adventure watersport activity to try and do in Dandeli. This activity needs good condition as you wish to run inside a light-weight ball on water.

Dandeli is a peaceful state with not many crime cases witnessed.But it is advised that you take care of your belongings and cash for your own safety. During rafting, take good care of yourself, as well as your fellow rafters.

Book rooms in Dandeli resorts. You can go for long walks at night or camping too. If you are choosing to go to Jungle Safari, then it is advised to follow the rules and take care of your family and friends and especially your children. Make friends but stay away from over friendly people as you don’t know their real motives. You won’t get any shops near Dandeli resorts so carry all the essentials you need for your vacation. If you are carrying any costly things please keep it locked in resort.

Dandeli resorts is the best place to visit in August. The weather here is pleasant and you can enjoy most of the activities during this season.

Yes you can get most of Dandeli in 4 days. Book your room at Dandeli resorts and just enjoy your vacation with fun filled activities and sightseeing.

Monsoon is less recommended for travellers to visit as most places will be waterlogged and you will experience heavy rain. But if you make time during non rainy days you will get the most out of Dandeli.

Yes may is a great time to visit Dandeli. And the prices here are less during this season, so if you are looking for budget travel come in this season. This also an ideal time to witness a wide range of birds at Dandeli.

There are a variety of places at Dandeli you can visit which is approachable from Dandeli resorts.

  • Syntheri Rocks
  • Maulangi park
  • Supa Dam
  • Nagoda dam backwaters
  • Jenu Kallugudda
  • Kavala caves
  • Ulavi caves
  • Skyes point
  • Satkhanda falls
  • Shirla falls
  • Pansoli elephant camp
  • Tiger reserve Jungle Safari
  • Chandewadi water rapids
  • Terali Betta

At Dandeli resorts you can find accommodation under budget and which are filled with activities.

Resorts at Dandeli :
  • Dew Drops Jungle Resort : The dew drops jungle resort is ideal if you want to escape from the concrete jungle and are looking for natural ambience with lot of activities.
  • River Edge Homestay : Peaceful ambience at the edge of river Kali. The sunset view from the edge of the river will give you a sense of contentment. And the activities at kali river is a must try if you visit Dandeli resorts.
  • Greenwoods Jungle Camp : This Property is located at beautiful location with breathtaking view. Ideal for camping out with your friends in the middle of the jungle.

If you are looking for peaceful vacation with natural ambience nearbuy to karwar then visit Dandeli resorts. Dandeli resorts is about 107 km away from Karwar which makes a perfect weekend getaway. Here you can find a variety of resorts to accommodate that is filled with activities.

At Dandeli resorts you can choose the following accommodation to stay - Dewdrops Jungle resort, River edge homestay, green woods jungle camp. The Dandeli resorts have delicious cuisines, activities that will make you come back again, rare vegetation and animals too.

Dandeli is best enjoyed with those vintage resorts in the middle of jungle. At Dandeli resorts you not only get to stay and enjoy every moment of Dandeli, but the warmth and facilities we provide will make your stay memorable.

Dewdrops Jungle resort, River edge homestay, green woods jungle camp are the accommodations you can choose according to your interest. These resort comes with uninterrupted service and undivided attention for Dandeli resorts staff.

There are various places that you can go for sightseeing on your vacation at Dandeli resorts. Places like Syntheri Rocks, Maulangi park, Supa Dam, Nagoda dam backwaters, Jenu Kallugudda, Kavala caves, Ulavi caves, Skyes point, Satkhanda falls, Shirla falls, Pansoli elephant camp, Tiger reserve Jungle Safari, Chandewadi water rapids and Terali Betta.

Durga Devi Temple :

This temple is about 1,2 km away from Dandeli resorts.

Ganesh Temple :

this old temple is about 2.3 km away from Dandeli.

Shri Mahalaxmi Temple :

This heritigious temple is just 3.2km from Dandeli resorts.

Maruti Mandir :

This is just 1.2km from Dandeli resorts.

Dandelappa temple :

This is just 750m from Dandeli resorts

At Dandeli resorts we provide you with basic amenities but do carry the following things when you want to go sightseeing :

  • Cotton clothes. Preferably light colours.
  • Comfortable yet sturdy shoes to walk around.
  • Huge straw hats
  • Jackets
  • Insect repellent
  • If you are carrying camera make sure you are carrying enough batteries as there are no shops you can buy from.
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Sunglasses
  • Umbrella if you are travelling during monsoon seasons
  • Flashlights if you are planning on night safari.
  • Binoculars to watch variety of hornbills at Dandeli.

Dandeli is safe for everybody. Be it men or women. Dandeli resorts has highest attention towards women safety.

  • Syntheri rocks
  • Magod falls
  • Sathodi falls
  • Dudhsagar falls
  • Satkhanda waterfalls
  • Shirley falls

Dudh sagar is about 15 - 20km from Dandeli. You can visit this place via train which takes about 30mins from Dandeli. To reach the railway station from Dandeli resorts it will take you about an hour. In total you will have to travel about one and a half hour from Dandeli resorts. Which can be done in a day.

There are nursing homes and hospitals at Dandeli for any medical emergencies.

Yes consumption of alcohol and smoking is allowed at Dandeli resorts but not during the adventure activities with age limit below 18.

Dandeli wildlife sanctuary and Anshi national park are the two national parks at Dandeli. Distance from Dandeli resorts is 58 km.

From April to June. Summer months are the best to spot tigers at Anshi national park. Since there are fewer travellers during summers animals roam around freely without worrying about encountering concrete world animals taking snaps at them every now and then.