River Rafting

White water rafting in Dandeli

Kali River provides one of the finest rafting experiences in the entire country. The rafting trail is of about 12-15 kilometres which makes it very exhilarating and the surroundings throughout the trail are stunning, which makes the experience even more exciting and enjoyable.

The rafting here is suitable for everyone, from novice to master. The difficulty level here is grade 2 and grade 3 rapids. The grade 2 rapids include slightly rough waters, some rocks, and easy passages. The only requirement for this is basic paddling skills and overall this is quite simple to manoeuver. Grade 3 rapids might have a few small waves or maybe a small drop somewhere, but overall this is completely harmless. It requires some significant manoeuvring and skilled steering. This might sound like something which requires experience and is not suitable for everyone, but this activity is done under the eyes of extremely trained and adept professionals, who make sure to make it a fun and safe experience for everyone, be it inexperienced amateurs or non-swimmers. The entire trail may take about 4-5 hours for completion.

The activity begins at about 9 in the morning from Ganeshgudi. The first thing that is required to do is to listen very carefully and attentively to all the instructions, guidelines, safety measures and precautions which the instructors give. Safety equipment, helmets, life jackets, and pedals are also provided. There is a boat ride at the beginning whose purpose is to serve as a demonstration of the actual rafting experience to all the participants, and it is only after this ride that the actual rafting begins. The excitement, thrill and the adrenaline rush which you get as your boat leaps into the clear blue water of the river Kali is worth every bit the anticipation.
The trip downstream takes about two hours which are filled with lashing waves, steep curves, and bouncy rocks. The ride is enough to make your stomach feel fluttery and get the adrenaline pumping through your body. Thereafter, you begin to travel back to where you started and eventually this fun-filled and energy packed experience comes to an end. The exhilarating sensation that you get when you successfully complete your trip is something that will last with you forever. The picturesque landscape, clear waters, skilled and friendly instructors, the thrill and the excitement make this trip a once in a lifetime experience.