Jacuzzi Bath

Jacuzzi bath in Dandeli

Golden yellow rays of sun falling on your body, all around you lush green trees swishing along with gentle winds, birds chirping and tweeting, the fragrance of flowers, and the water of the Kali river hitting your back giving you a smooth and gentle massage.

This is exactly what happens at the natural Jacuzzi bath in Dandeli. The water flows from the Supa dam and emerges as the Kali river and flows down to give your body the most amazing healing therapy. At a few places, the water of the river gushes with extraordinary force and at a few places, the water is soft and tender. It is your choice to select a spot according to your comfort, recline on the black rocks, and relax. It is the best way to soak away your stress, unwind your body and your mind, replenish and rejuvenate yourself. The activity is open for all age groups. A guide is provided to take you, in a boat, to the place in the river where the activity takes place, and he remains with you all along to make sure you are safe.

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