Kayaking in Dandeli

Kayaking is a water sport in which a double bladed bar and a kayak used to paddle across the water. Kali river in Dandeli provides you with a great possibility to enjoy as well as learn kayaking. Along with river Kali, kayaking in Dandeli is also conducted in Supa Reservoir.

The activity begins at 9 in the morning at Ganeshgudi and the entire trip takes about two-three hours. Well trained and specialized instructors give the introductory lessons on how to do basic things like paddle, balance and manage the kayak, and about various turns and strokes. It is important that you listen to these instructions carefully so that when you go down this fun-filled trip, you know how to be safe. Also, do not forget the life jackets and if you know swimming, it is a bonus. Kayaking in Dandeli is the best activity to go on exploring the river and take in the stunning views surrounding you, along with getting a low-impact workout.

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