Water Zorbing

Water zorbing in Dandeli

Would you believe it if someone told you that you can walk on water? Water zorbing in Dandeli makes that possible. It is a fun activity where you roll or walk on a river, inside a transparent plastic ball, called zorb. You can run, walk, flip, roll, or whatever you want to do inside a zorb.

A zorb can normally accommodate 1-3 people in it. Zorbing is very popular among kids and is suitable for all age groups, irrespective of the individual’s physical ability. Because the zorb is transparent, you get the surreal feeling of walking on water without actually stepping on it. It is a fantastic sensation when you roll or lie or walk inside the transparent ball and feel the coolness of the river water, without getting wet. Zorbing in Dandeli provides you with 2-3 laughter filled hours to enjoy, have fun and just chill on the water of Kali River. It is an awesome experience which you should not miss at any cost.