Dandeli cycling - Mountain Biking

Dandeli cycling

Dandeli is blessed with a gorgeous terrain which is perfectly suitable for mountain biking. If you love cycling or are a thrill-seeker, this sport is for you. It is an activity that will test your acumen, zeal, and stamina.

The activity starts at Ganeshgudi at around 9 in the morning. The stretch ranges from 7 to 14 kilometres, depending upon your choice. You are provided with bikes that are suitable for rough mountainous terrain and a guide accompanies you throughout to look out for your safety and provide you with general information about local plants and animals that you encounter during your trip.

Mountain biking in Dandeli will set your heart pumping and your muscles working. Your eyes get to soak in the magnificent and beautiful views of trees and rocks, and your lungs get to breathe the purest air along with the fragrance of the blossoms. Though an exercise for your body, this ride will be a soothing process for your mind where you get to cycle along with your friends and family in a charming landscape and that too, without any traffic. If you are a city dweller, you will appreciate this ride even more. Overall it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience without a single dull moment.